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Radical abortion bill passes QLD parliament

Last night saw a historic vote by the Queensland parliament for all the wrong reasons as state parliament voted 50 to 41 in favour of ending the lives of unborn children.

The Australian Christian Lobby’s state director Wendy Francis in a statement said; “We would like to thank all 41 members of parliament who voted against Labor’s radical abortion bill. They stood for life and the inherent humanity of babies who have yet to be born.” 

“The work done by pro-life organisations, volunteers and supporters have also been strong indicators of community opposition.” 

“This bill only serves to legalise the vulnerability of already vulnerable women. Which is why the passing of this bill will not stop us from advocating for better support for women at a community level.” 

“ACL continues to uphold the sanctity of life and will lobby for the protection of both women and children from the devastating impact of this extreme bill,” commented Mrs Francis. 

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