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SA Parliamentarian Successfully Campaigned To Remove Sexualised Advertising

The Australian Christian Lobby has congratulated South Australian Upper House MP Frank Pangallo for speaking out against blatantly sexualised advertising by an adult club on North Terrace, which resulted in the advertising being removed. 

Although restrictions apply for the club’s TV advertisements, the outdoor publicly visible video was being played during daytime hours and at weekends.  

State director Christopher Brohier said; “It’s wrong for such sexualised advertising to be promoted and allowed in public places where children and families frequent.”  

“There is overwhelming evidence of the short and long-term effects of sexualised advertising on children. This is particularly so of the negative influence this advertising has on children’s cognitive functioning, physical and mental health, sexuality, and attitudes and beliefs about their own worth.” 

“This evidence is supported by both the Australian Medical Association and Australian Psychological Society.” 

“Children should be free to be children and not forced to see this kind of advertising,” commented Mr Brohier. 

It was pleasing that the pressure exerted by Mr Pangallo caused the advertisement to be removed. 

The Australian Christian Lobby urged the State Government to support Mr Pangallo’s call for adult clubs to be penalised for publicly displaying overtly sexualised advertising.

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