Media Release

The very sensible Sarah Game

The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) commends the Honourable Sarah Game for her motion moved in the Upper House of the SA Parliament on Wednesday 3 May 2023 which said in part, “There are biologically two sexes and, in turn, a reflection of two genders.”

ACL’s National and SA Director of Politics, Christopher Brohier, said:

“The Honourable Sarah Game spread light in the Upper House by stating the unadorned fact that our sex is fixed from fertilisation and that it is marked in, and by, all of our DNA.

“She properly called out the cruel confusion being created in the minds of our most precious resource – our children – by misleading resources such as The Gender Unicorn and the Genderbread Person which she said were ‘embedded in the year 7 state curriculum.’” 

The ACL called on the Legislative Council to support Ms Game’s motion.

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