Media Release

Suffering should not lead to euthanasia

If Senator Leyonhjelm gets his way every Australian will be able to prematurely end their lives, the Australian Christian Lobby warns. 

Comments from Leyonhjelm in the Financial Review revealed he doesn’t believe the Victorian Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017 goes far enough, insisting that legislation should extend to those who are suffering not just the terminally ill.  

ACL’s Managing Director Martyn Iles said; “These comments are alarming, especially considering what the international evidence shows. 

“Wherever euthanasia and assisted suicide legislation is implemented vulnerable people die. 

“By extending euthanasia legislation to include ‘suffering’ as a legitimate reason for requesting death, you essentially open up pandora’s box.  

“Who decides what suffering is? How much suffering does one person have to go through before assisted suicide becomes permissible? And what kind of message does this send children and young people?” 

The Australian Christian Lobby continues to urge all Senators to vote against Leyonhjelm’s bill and continue to uphold the sanctity of life. 

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