Media Release

Evil outs itself with Dark Mofo “Welcome to Hell” sign in Hobart airport

The “Welcome to Hell” sign greeting arrivals into Hobart airport is a diabolical, yet truthful, representation of the annual Dark Mofo event.

The Australian Christian Lobby’s Tasmanian Director, Christopher Brohier, said,

“For too long Tasmanians have been sold the lie that Dark Mofo is harmless fun, but no longer. The ‘Welcome to Hell’ sign in Hobart airport is a statement of fact. Dark Mofo opens the door to hell, a term used to describe a place, or a situation, that no one wants to be in.

“The veil has been lifted once and for all. This sign serves an important purpose of warning parents as well as everyday Australians, both religious and secular, who have no desire to participate in evil, to stay away from Dark Mofo.”

The ACL calls on all Tasmanians to take a stand against Dark Mofo and their blatant agenda to bring hell to earth and for the Tasmanian government to act swiftly to reverse the growing reputation of Tasmania as the Australian state that welcomes evil.

The ACL also calls on Tasmanians of good will to boycott Dark Mofo. Just don’t go!

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