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Study shows TLRI recommendations mandating gender affirmation were wrong

The Australian Christian Lobby said today that the Tasmanian Government must not proceed on the basis of the flawed and outdated Tasmanian Law Reform Institute’s recommendations which will mandate vulnerable young people being funnelled into irreversible and harmful medication and surgery.  

Christopher Brohier, Tasmanian Political Director for ACL said,

“A study published on 4 April 2023 based on attendees at the Tavistock Clinic – one of the largest gender clinics in the world – found that there was no evidence to support even social transitioning. The study said,

‘The present findings, although preliminary, suggest that social gender transition is not associated with mental health status in children and adolescents, at least in the short term. These findings are consistent with the only other study that directly compared clinic-referred youth experiencing gender dysphoria who had socially transitioned with those who had not (Sievert et al., 2021).’

“The Rockcliff Government must stand up to the activists and refuse to follow the outdated and unscientific recommendations of the TLRI. The world has moved on. Tasmanian kids should not be harmed by reliance on a flawed report.”

The ACL calls on the Rockcliff Government to conduct a judicial inquiry into the treatment of sex confused vulnerable people before legislating in this fast-moving field.

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