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UK PM Sunak Bans Gender Ideology From Schools 

Yesterday UK Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, staked his position clearly in response to concerns about the social contagion element of gender dysphoria – corroborated by the Cass Review – by enacting a prohibition on teaching gender ideology in schools. 

Giving rise to restrictions on puberty blockers around the world, the Cass Review has destabilised the alleged foundation for teaching children about gender as a spectrum.  

Findings from its four-year long research confirm children are being encouraged to interpret distress through the lens of gender dysphoria through education, peer-pressure, and popular thought – with pernicious consequences ensuing. 

Wendy Francis, National Director of Politics for the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), said “Prime Minister Sunak has taken a principled stand that Australian politicians would be wise to emulate. Parents, not activists, should be the ultimate authority on what their children learn about gender and sexuality.” 

Ms Francis continued, “Around the world, gender ideology is being exposed as an ideological faux. Disturbingly, it continues to be taught in Australian schools largely unchecked – and is misleading our children to think gender transition is a harmless and even a trending pathway” 

“The imperative to safeguard kids from radical gender ideology has never been clearer.” 

Since the release of the Cass Review, the ACL has intensified their advocacy for bans on puberty blockers for children and pediatric gender transition treatments, alongside an inquiry into Australian gender treatments. 

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