Media Release

Andrews Government caves in to Legalise Cannabis Party

Following a concerted effort of the Legalise Cannabis Party (LCP) to allow medicinal cannabis users to drive if unimpaired, the Victorian government has now promised to introduce a bill later this year for a trial run.

The Victorian State Director of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), Jasmine Yuen, said, “The steady softening of the government’s approach on drugs use and possession, from the Infringement notice trial last year to now allowing personal use of cannabis, including growing your own plants, and  even to drive whilst using. The Victorian Government are not only opening up doors for future recreational drugs legalisation, but they are also putting every Victorian road user in danger.

Ms Yuen said there are many questions needing answers, such as, “Who determines if a person is safe to drive after using cannabis? What method is there for a user to determine if they are impaired or not? Are we meant to trust the person’s own judgment?

“The Victorian police has long expressed concern over the government’s weak response to drugs and alcohol. There is no guarantee that this softening approach will not give license for abuse of other drugs users, especially young people”, concluded Ms Yuen.

ACL urges the Andrews government to listen to the Victorian police, consider the safety of all Victorians, and abandon this dangerous route.

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