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Victorian State Schools are in Serious Trouble    

The embattled Victorian state schools have been rocked by another scandal with outrageous student misbehavior in full display on social media. The Herald Sun exposed the latest “Lacking” social media trend with footage of Victorian students  being “threatened with tasers, heads shoved into toilets and humiliated with naked photos”. This disturbing trend comes amid reports indicating bullying as the major cause of Victorian students skipping classes.  

Victorian State Director of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), Jasmine Yuen said, “The shocking misbehavior of students exposes the ugliness of our school culture, once again proving that the Andrews-Allan Government Respectful Relationships program is failing our young people and society in an alarming way. 

“Meant to “promote and model respect, positive attitudes and behaviours”, the Respectful Relationships program is proving to encourage the opposite. The program uses an intersectionality or oppressor-oppressed approach, teaching students to push back against those who they perceive are ‘privileged’, in order to attain equality. This ideology is subtly embedded in the program from Prep to Year 12, raising Victorian students to be a new generation of cultural activists. 

“It should come as no surprise then, to read of a 14 year old autistic girl being punched over 50 times by a group of teenage girls, and yet another schoolgirl taken to hospital after being attacked by 15 girls during school lunchtime. Sadly, these are just two examples of increasing social misbehavior among our younger people; grievous consequences of ten years under the Andrews-Allan Government that has crippled our state education, damaging our students’ academic performance, as well as their social and mental wellbeing.”  

The ACL calls on Premier Jacinta Allan to scrap the failed Respectful Relationships program started by her predecessor, and commission an independent inquiry into the standard of performance and management of the Victorian Education Department.   

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