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What Happens When Teachers Are Too Uncomfortable Teaching Sex Ed?

Victorian teachers are increasingly becoming too uncomfortable and feeling “entirely out of their depth” when teaching Victoria’s explicit sex education curriculum. This is leading to public schools outsourcing the lessons to organisations like Family Planning Victoria, a leading abortion advocate, who promote sexual relations between students.

The Australian Christian Lobby is concerned that this recent development will provide activists with free entry into all public schools.    

State director Dan Flynn said, “When professional educators refuse to teach a program because they are too uncomfortable with the content, you know there is a real problem.” 

“It goes to show just how extreme the curriculum has become that activists pumped up on radical sexual ideology are welcomed into classrooms to teach kids as young as eleven about relationships and sexuality.” 

“The Andrews government has well and truly thrown our state’s classroom doors open to pro-abortion activists,” warned Mr Flynn. 

The Australian Christian Lobby will continue to lobby the government to remove radical sexualised programs from the Victorian education system. 

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