Both the Coalition and Opposition parties must commit to withdraw Medicare funding for abortions on viable babies currently being left to die, says the Australian Christian Lobby.

ACL spokeswoman for children Wendy Francis said people will be rightly outraged by the news that 27 Australian babies were left to die last year after hearing about it on last night’s ABC QandA program.

“Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was right to refer to them as ‘shocking cases’,” Ms Francis said.

“The Coalition and Labor must make it clear that they will no longer use taxpayer funds to pay for late term abortions on viable babies.

“It is not sufficient for the Prime Minister to say it’s not his responsibility when clearly federal funds are being used to support abortions right up to full term, both in Australia and in its support of international organisations such as Planned Parenthood and Marie Stopes.

“The ACL calls on the Coalition and Labor to make a commitment to investigate the misuse of Medicare funding through a parliamentary inquiry,” she said.

“The tragedy is that not only are taxpayers funding the practice of leaving babies to die domestically, but we are also exporting this practice internationally in developing countries.

“The community is becoming alarmed at the incidences of abortion as they become better informed.”

A Queensland Galaxy opinion poll conducted in May found 84 per cent of those polled believed abortion was harmful for women while just 38 per cent of Queensland voters support abortion in cases where both the mother and child are healthy.

“We now know that the child in the womb is human, feels pain, that abortion techniques such as dismemberment and poisoning of the unborn child are barbaric,” Ms Francis said.

“We also know that many women and their families are hurting because of post-abortion grief.

“What the community and women are looking for are better options than abortion, which leads to terrible consequences for mother and child.”


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