The Helpers of God’s Precious Infants provide an essential service to mothers approaching abortion centres who are ambivalent about aborting their babies.

A central part of the Helpers’ work is providing a loving and prayerful presence outside abortion centres.

Over the course of the last 22 years the Helpers have saved the lives of approximately 300 babies (that they know of). Now many of these mothers speak with love and conviction about the Helpers who provided them with an attractive alternative to abortion and who are delighted by the choice that they made to have their child.

I recently met with one such mother and her lovely pre-school age daughter. Their connection with the Helpers started 4 years ago when the mother was gently approached outside the Croydon abortion centre by a lady who handed her a brochure. When the mother was asked “Do you really want to do this?” the young mother burst into tears and said “No!”

That young mother received comfort, counsel and financial support and now says:

“These people saved me and my baby” (Herald Sun 2/9/15)

The Victorian Government is now seeking to criminalise these peaceful acts of human kindness. If they succeed, who will help these pregnant women who may be being coerced to terminate or hoping for an alternative.

No Helper has ever been found guilty of any violent offence. Nor has any member of the public ever been physically harmed by their actions. Since 2007, Victoria Police have had the power to issue on-the-spot fines for public nuisance (i.e. blocking women from entering the building or harassing them). Not one member of the Helpers has received a fine under these laws.

If course, the agenda is to silence voices that would suggest alternatives to abortion to those that need them the most.

Don’t you be silenced. Tell your MP’s why you oppose this new clamp on free and compassionate speech.