I flew in to Adelaide yesterday for marriage speaking engagements and, importantly, for tonight’s South Australian launch of the Coalition for Marriage.

It was a joy to share a meal with some of the C4M’s hard-working Local Area Coordinators.

These are the people who are putting themselves out there to doorknock, letterbox and have the conversations needed to convince Australians that it is “ok to say no”.

Reports from the field were mixed. One of their team was spat on, others have been yelled at and abused.

One reported that an entire street he doorknocked said they were voting “no”.

What encouraged me was the courage and joy with which the LCOs were going about their work.

There is no doubt there is a special camaraderie that comes from being in the trenches together.

There is also a sense that together we are doing something very important for our nation. 

Thousands of people have signed up to be volunteers. Now that the Marriage Plebiscite Postal Survey forms are being sent out, it is critical that our ground force is activated.

You too can join by clicking on the “freedom team” link in the home page menu.

Because the poll remains open until November 7, it is critical we keep working to gather up every possible vote in the defence of marriage, freedom of speech and parental and children’s rights.

After tonight’s South Australian launch at the Adelaide Town Hall, it is off to Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne. Check the events menu at https://www.coalitionformarriage.com.au.

Thanks to those who attended last Saturday night’s national C4M launch in Sydney at the International Convention Centre.

The speakers were electric and the 1,000 people who attended were emboldened and energised for this winnable fight.

If you were there, thank you.

Thanks also to everyone who continues to donate. A lot of people have been giving a little and this is what is making the difference in our campaign.

You have kept our ads on the air.

Yes, we are being massively outspent. We don’t have governments using taxpayers’ money to put up banners for us.

But the truth is on our side and just like in the David and Goliath battle, truth will win out in the end.