For release: February 10, 2010

Jim Wallace at Platform

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh appeared to be suggesting in Parliament this afternoon that Queensland would be out of step with other States if it did not extend surrogacy to homosexuals and singles.

However this is not accurate according to the Australian Christian Lobby and is just another example of the misleading commentary and innuendo in this debate.

“We understand that Victoria and the ACT are the only jurisdictions that have legislated to allow homosexuals access to surrogacy,” said the ACL’s Managing Director Jim Wallace, “and single men, whether heterosexual or homosexual, are definitely excluded by WA legislation. South Australia has specifically excluded same sex surrogacy and singles in their legislation.This is quite contrary to what was implied by Ms Bligh,” said Mr Wallace.

Queenslanders should not be subjected to this sort of misinformation when considering at the short notice imposed by the government, such a pivotal social issue, and one that so directly impacts on children”, said Mr Wallace.

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