doc hands in chainsVictorian MPs have tabled three petitions this week into state parliament calling for abortion law to be amended to remove the requirement for doctors to provide a referral for an abortion.

On Tuesday November 26, Member for Pascoe Vale Christine Campbell lodged a petition signed by 249 medical practitioners calling for the amendment of section 8 of the Abortion Law Reform Act 2008.

The Petition called for Victorian Parliament to:

Amend Clause 8 of the Victorian Abortion Law Reform Act (2008), as soon as possible, to remove any requirement that conscientious objectors (to abortion) must provide a referral.

Then on Wednesday November 27th, two petitions, signed by 3886 and 138 members of the public respectively, were tabled reiterating the calls to amend the section. These petitions lodged this week add significantly to the momentum for change to this law. Many Victorians who support the amendment are pro-choice but respect the rights of doctors to provide advice to patients, which balance ethical concerns and patient care.

If you are a Victorian (please no one from outside Victoria) and haven't signed the petition you can do so via these two links - one for medical professionals and one for general public. Also, Victorian doctors or nurses are encouraged to speak with their local MPs in person to let them know how it's effecting them personally and professionally. Please contact ACL's Victorian Director Dan Flynn if you would like advice on how you might go about arranging a meeting.

For more information read the media releases on Christine Campbell’s website. Over 4000 Victorians Call for Section 8 Change and 250 Medical Practitioners Call for Change.