Yesterday the NSW upper house member, the Rev. Hon. Fred Nile, moved a motion in the New South Wales Legislative Council condemning the assault by the Islamic terrorist movement on Assyrian Christians. The motion was passed unanimously by the upper house.

Below is a copy of Rev Fred Nile’s media release.

Media Release

Rev Fred Nile successfully moves unanimously a Motion to protect the Assyrian Christian in Iraq from the ISIL brutal death squads

13 August 2014

On Tuesday12 August 2014, Rev Nile moved the following Motion which was passed unanimously by the NSW Upper House relating to bloody attacks and murders by the ISIL Islamic terrorist movement of Assyrian Christians.

I move Private members’ business item No. 1927 outside the order of precedence, standing in my name relating to Assyrian Christian Communities.


That this House:

(a) condemns Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant's [ISIL] assault on Mosul, Ramadi and other cities in northern and central Iraq;

(b) notes that the conflict has resulted in the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people thus becoming refugees in surrounding countries and provinces;

(c) further notes that all the Iraqi communities are affected by this turmoil particularly Assyrian Christian communities of Nineveh Province;

(d) recognises the ongoing support of the Assyrian community in New South Wales for responding to the ongoing turmoil by providing support for the refugees;

(e) supports the Australian Government in its effort to provide humanitarian assistance and protection to the displaced families;

(f) reaffirms this House's call for the establishment of an Assyrian province in their ancestral homeland in northern Iraq; and

(g) recognises the ongoing efforts of the Assyrian Universal Alliance—Australia for its tireless efforts to bring the plight of Assyrians to the attention of the Australia Government, in particular Mr Hermiz Shahen, Deputy Secretary General, and Mr David David, President of the Assyrian Australian National Federation.

“Commemoration of the Assyrian Martyrs and Genocide Day”

On Sunday 10th August 2014 the Rev Fred Nile was warmly thanked for his efforts on behalf of the Assyrian Christians in Iraq by the large audience of 600 representatives at the Commemoration of the Assyrian Martyrs and Genocide Day at Edessa Reception Hall, St Hurmizd’s Cathedral, Greenfield Park NSW.