Media Release: Wednesday, 8 November, 2006

Jim Wallace, Managing Director of the Australian Christian Lobby, has expressed his deep disappointment that the Senate has passed legislation to allow the cloning of human embryos.

“Effectively, this was won by just one vote,” said Mr Wallace. “Just one Senator voting the other way would have blocked this appalling legislation.”

“The painful uncertainty of some Senators was evident with several undecided about how they should vote until just before the division was called. Some were still wrestling with their consciences as the vote was cast and may have woken up this morning wondering whether they did the right thing.”

The legislation now passes to the House of Representatives. Jim Wallace says the House should seriously consider whether or not to press on with this legislation, which has had such a narrow passage through the Senate.

“The Australian community is divided over the cloning of human embryos for destructive research. Human life, even at its earliest stage, has value and should not be arbitrarily created and destroyed, no matter how noble the supposed goal might be,” said Mr Wallace.

“MPs should reflect on Senators’ confusion and uncertainty over this controversial vote and clarify for themselves that the issue is genuinely about overturning a unanimous decision to ban cloning in 2002.”

Contact: Jim Wallace