Media Release

For release: July 14, 2011


Australian Christian Lobby Managing Director Jim Wallace has called for an end to the serial demonisation of anyone who publicly resists the gay activists’ agenda to redefine marriage.

This follows today’s attack on Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd’s sister, Loree, for her comments expressing concern at the global propaganda machine of the homosexual lobby and equating this to a “global gay Gestapo”.

It also follows a scurrilous and unfounded charge made under the cover of Parliamentary privilege by Tasmanian State Labor MP Brenton Best linking fellow Liberal MP Michael Ferguson’s pro-marriage views with the tragic bashing of a local gay man.

“We would believe most people would view Ms Rudd’s use of the term ‘Gestapo’ as referring to attempts to use fear and intimidation to silence dissent,” Mr Wallace said.

“We share Ms Rudd’s concern about the use of these tactics, further demonstrated by the gay lobby’s attack on her today, to stifle debate about the future of marriage.

“In a democratic society there must be freedom to support and advocate for marriage remaining between a man and a woman without being accused of inciting hatred, being ‘homophobic’, bigoted and now anti-Semitic.

“Sadly this is happening all too often with the unfounded attack on Mr Ferguson and the NSW Labor Senator Doug Cameron’s recent comments accusing people who do not support same-sex marriage of being the equivalent of racist supporters of Apartheid.

Mr Wallace called on the Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader to demand more civility in this debate.

“We must stop this demonisation of anyone supporting family and children as being homophobic’, anti-gay or gay haters. It is over the top and demands a response by our political leaders.”