Wednesday, 22 August, 2012

The Australian Christian Lobby is calling on Prime Minister Julia Gillard to honour her election promise to protect marriage against attempts by Territories to mimic it.

ACL Managing Director Jim Wallace said today's move by the ACT Labor-Green coalition to pass marriage-mimicking civil union legislation should be overturned by the Federal Parliament.

Two weeks before the 2010 election, Ms Gillard recorded a video interview with ACL.

Jim Wallace: On marriage – marriage is clearly defined in the Marriage Act as the union of a man and a woman to exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life, something important to the great majority of Christians. Your party’s committed to the definition of marriage, does that extend to not allowing it to be mimicked for instance in territories, for instance, by the inclusion of ceremonies and celebrants in a legal sense in legislation where parties don’t meet that definition of marriage?

PM Gillard: Look the Labor Party has worked this through and we have determined as a Labor Party that the Marriage Act will stay unchanged so marriage will be defined as it is in our current Marriage Act as between a man and a woman. And we have also said that the Labor Party policy is we do not want to see the development of ceremonies that mimic marriage ceremonies and so that’s the party policy and as Prime Minister, as Leader of the Parliamentary Labor Party that’s obviously my policy, and that’s what you should expect to see from a Gillard Labor Government if we’re re-elected.

[See from 12:10]

Mr Wallace said the ACT Labor-Green coalition's civil union legislation was not even wanted by the same-sex community and that today's move was just a stunt to cause further distraction of the Federal Parliament which is now bound to debate it, despite already having three same sex bills before it.

“This attempt to legislate same sex marriage by fatigue is reprehensible for its waste of parliamentary time and should be rejected by both major parties by joining in Federal Parliament to vote it down,” said Mr Wallace.

“This is the last sitting week before the ACT election and Labor and the Greens are using the ACT Assembly's time on what is really a low order issue in the electorate,” Mr Wallace said.