Tuesday, 8th May, 2012

This week’s outrageous ‘virginity for sale’ incident highlights the need for the Victorian Government to urgently follow the lead of other overseas jurisdictions and implement the Swedish policy of criminalising men who buy women.

ACL’s Victorian director Dan Flynn said it was inconceivable that it was legal for a brothel to sell the virginity of an 18-year-old school girl.

“This follows on the heels of the live sex show sold as ‘sex education’ at Melbourne University and reveals an equally appalling morality we are encouraging in society,” Mr Flynn said.

Mr Flynn said urgent prostitution law reform was needed to stop a young woman being exploited like this again.

“ACL calls on the Victorian Government to examine the successful Swedish approach which has now been adopted in Iceland, Norway and South Korea.”

Mr Flynn said unless law reform was undertaken, those profiting from the sale of women would continue to push the boundaries of civil society.