Monday, 8th April 2013

The Australian Christian Lobby has expressed concern at the latest attack on Coptic Christians in Egypt which occurred at the epicentre of the International Coptic Orthodox community and has urged the Australian Government to denounce these attacks.

ACL’s Chief of Staff Lyle Shelton said the latest attack against Copts at St Mark’s Cathedral in Cairo, in which a person died, was at the headquarters of the Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate.

“The Coptic Community in Australia sees this as a symbolic attack on Christianity on Egypt which is incomprehensible,” he said.

“No minority in any country should be subjected to fear of expressing their faith. Sadly violence against Copts has escalated since the Muslim Brotherhood came to power,” he said.

“It is important that the Prime Minister’s Office and Office of the Minister for Foreign Affairs condemns these attacks today and urges action from the Egyptian Government to protect its citizens and to uphold freedom of religion.

“The Coptic Community is in a minority position in a Muslim country. This is simply another incident in a long line of suffering for these people by attackers deliberately targeting them for their faith,” he said