Media Release

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

The Australian Christian Lobby today expressed its disappointment after the New South Wales Legislative Council called on the Australian parliament to redefine marriage to include couples of the same sex.

"We are disappointed the NSW parliament has allowed itself to be co-opted into an activist campaign to change the federal Marriage Act," ACL's NSW Director David Hutt said.

"Redefining marriage would have profound implications for children and family formation," Mr Hutt said. "It would solidify in law the idea that it is ok to deny children the right to be raised by their biological parents.

"I want to congratulate those members who voted and spoke in favour of retaining the current definition of marriage. Their thoughtful and heartfelt contributions to the debate unfortunately don’t receive the media attention they deserve in a public debate that has been largely characterised by slogans such as ‘equal love’ and ‘marriage equality’,” he said.

Mr Hutt said allowing a change to the current definition of marriage would set a precedent for other minority groups to challenges for their relationships to be recognised as marriage.

“As former High Court Justice Michael Kirby told the recent Senate hearings into ‘marriage equality’ in Sydney, polygamous and polyamorous marriage are not currently before the federal parliament but these things could be taken ‘step by step’[i],” Mr Hutt said.

[1] See page 12 and 13 on the hearing’s transcript;fileType=application%2Fpdf#search=%22Legal%20and%20Constitution