For release: Friday, March 30, 2012

The Australian Christian Lobby is urging all Christians to make their voices heard on the importance of marriage to society by lodging a short submission to the Senate Inquiry into same-sex marriage.

Submissions close on Monday.

ACL Chief of Staff Lyle Shelton said it was vital that as many people as possible showed their support for marriage remaining between a man and a woman by e-mailing a submission to the Senate’s Legal and Constitutional Committee.

Mr Shelton welcomed the Victorian Catholic Bishops intervention in the debate today and hoped all Christian denominations and churches would encourage their people to have their say before Monday’s close.

“On every occasion where this has come before parliament in the past, it has been obvious there is no appetite for redefining marriage in the community.

“This was the case when 30 MPs reported back to Parliament last August saying their electorates did not want same-sex marriage.

“Marginal seat holders in particular have expressed no desire for change at all.

“It is clear that the gay activists’ agenda is legislation by fatigue by continually bringing this issue back to parliament. They have three bills before the parliament and two parliamentary inquiries underway.

“But even the left-leaning GetUp! organisation’s members’, when surveyed earlier this year, did not rate same-sex marriage in the top 10 of the issues they wanted GetUp! to campaign on.

“Despite making marriage-mimicking civil unions a high profile election issue, this did not win any votes for Labor at last weekend’s Queensland election.

“The proposer of the civil partnership bill, Deputy Premier Andrew Fraser, lost his Green-leaning electorate of Mt Coot-tha to the LNP which campaigned on a platform of repealing the legislation.”

Mr Shelton said both Labor and the Coalition went to the 2010 election with promises not to amend the Marriage Act.

“The Christian constituency, and indeed all Australians, expect members from both sides of politics to honour their election promises.”