Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Australian Christian Lobby has released the words Prime Minister Julia Gillard used two weeks before the election in a recorded interview to promise that the Marriage Act would not change if Labor were re-elected.

In a video with ACL's Managing Director Jim Wallace, Ms Gillard said: “The Marriage Act will stay unchanged, so marriage will be defined as it is in our current Marriage Act as between a man and a woman...that's the party policy... And that's what you should expect if we're re-elected.” (See relevant section of video interview here.)

“I respect the PM's attempt to salvage this at the Conference, but will not have Labor or anyone else misrepresenting promises transmitted through the ACL to its constituency, particularly when it is done so emphatically in a recorded interview,” said Mr Wallace.

“Integrity is clearly with the Coalition on this issue, assuming it keeps its promise to retain this as a Party position and resists Labor pressure to be drawn into a similar breach of trust,” said Mr Wallace.

“Platform changes are for the next election. Integrity demands they are not used as escape clauses for election promises.”