For release: Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) has recommended the New South Wales Government join the growing list of progressive countries that are prohibiting the purchase of sex, in a submission to the government’s review of brothel legislation.

ACL NSW Director David Hutt cautioned the government against introducing a licensing approach or ‘regulated’ brothel industry.

“Legalised prostitution is a failed experiment,” Mr Hutt said.

“Queensland has also tried brothel licences and we have seen that still 90 per cent of prostitution in Queensland is conducted illegally

“Legalising or regulating prostitution does not eliminate the risks of abuse and infection, nor has it been successful in curbing illegal prostitution or sex trafficking – in fact, it only legitimises it and leads to an increased demand for it.

“New South Wales needs a brand new approach in dealing with these problems.  Studies of the Swedish approach have shown the progress that can be made by criminalising the purchase of sex,” Mr Hutt said.

ACL also called for local councils to be given the power to prohibit the establishment of brothels within their Local Government Area.

Mr Hutt said it was important to give local decision makers the power to reflect the concerns and wishes of their communities.

A copy of ACL’s submission to the New South Wales Government can be accessed here.


Recent facts about prostitution in Australia:

  • July 2012 – Korean police arrested 18 pimps and traffickers allegedly involved in trafficking women to Australia

  • June 2012 – the US State Department identified Australia as a destination country for trafficked persons

  • June 2012 – NSW Land and Environment court overturned the City of Sydney’s refusal to grant a development application for Australia’s largest brothel.

  • April 2012 – Watcharaporn Nantanhkum became the first person convicted of slavery in the Australian Capital Territory for holding a woman in sex-servitude.

  • February 2012 – Federal Police rescued three trafficked, Thai girls from a legal, Western Sydney brothel