Media Release

Monday, June 25th, 2012

With debate now seemingly concluded on same-sex marriage in the Federal Parliament, a vote should immediately be brought on according to the Australian Christian Lobby.

It is understood all the speakers who wished to put their name forward did so for today’s hour-long debate on Stephen Jones’ private members bill to redefine marriage.

Of eight speakers, five opposed changing the definition of marriage. An equal number spoke from Labor and the Coalition. A Greens/Independent Bill was also debated in Parliament last week.

ACL Managing Director Jim Wallace said with three bills in the Parliament and three parliamentary inquiries into same-sex marriage held over the past two years, there had been more than enough parliamentary time spent on this issue.

“It might suit supporters of redefining marriage to keep dragging this out, but I think most people have well and truly had enough of this debate and wish for it to be speedily resolved,” Mr Wallace said.

“The Government should bring on the vote this week before the winter recess so that the Parliament can get on with other important business facing our nation.”

Today’s debate follows a House of Representatives inquiry report released last week where same-sex marriage was opposed four-two, with one uncertain.

“No one disputes that the Parliament has made up its mind to support marriage remaining as it is,” Mr Wallace said.

Several of the speakers today expressed their unhappiness at being labelled ‘homophobic’ or ‘bigot’ because they supported marriage between a man and a woman.