For release: August 16, 2011

The Australian Christian Lobby’s Managing Director, Jim Wallace, has spoken at the National Marriage Day Rally held at Canberra today.

The rally is an initiative of the Australian Family Association and The National Marriage Coalition, with support from the Australian Christian Lobby and the Dads4Kids: Fatherhood Foundation.

Mr Wallace told those who attended that there was a need to end the pejorative language framing this debate as exemplified by a comment by an audience member on the Q&A show last night who said “The criticism of Senator Wong is based on the homophobic idea that children are entitled to both a father and a mother...”

“That this debate should be framed in this preposterous, pejorative rhetoric, should alert us all to the fact that as precious as children are, the most precious, their care and nurture one of our most sacred responsibilities, that what we are dealing with here is perhaps even more important in at least the short term, and that is a battle for truth in the public square,” Mr Wallace said.

“Why won’t we admit, even in the same way demand, that as a child cannot be brought into this world without the involvement of a man and a woman, that nature prescribes that a child must be nurtured, and grow with that same equal involvement,  wherever humanely possible.”

Mr Wallace said that marriage was too important for it to be redefined away from its current meaning.

“We have to let political parties know that the definition of marriage is not lightly held by us.  And that for millions of Australians, especially ethnic communities it is important for cultural reasons and that it is for faith communities so deeply held as to be sacred, and we will not compromise truth for this selfish agenda,” he said.

“Be assured political parties know the next election result will rest on 57 marginal seats, not 3 inner city ones,” he said.