Wednesday 5th June 2013

The Australian Christian Lobby is urging South Australian lower house members to reject IVF and euthanasia bills when debate resumes on the issues tomorrow in parliament.

ACL spokesman Dan Flynn said the Assisted Reproductive Treatment (Equality of Access) Amendment Bill 2012 would allow alternative reproductive treatment (ART) for single women and lesbian couples.

“This bill would effectively allow a fertile woman, either single or in a lesbian relationship, to create a family and relegate a man’s contribution to being nothing more than an anonymous sperm donor,” Mr Flynn said.

“It devalues a man and the important role and contribution fatherhood plays in a child’s development. Public policy should seek to support and affirm the value both a mother and father provide in a child’s development,” he said.

Mr Flynn said the upper house passed the bill by a narrow margin of 12 -9 on the 1st of May and urged lower house members to prevent it becoming law.

“Children have a fundamental right to be born from natural origins and this right is acknowledged by the international Convention on the Rights of the Child, which states that a child shall have, ‘as far as possible, the right to know and be cared for by his or her parents’,” he said.

Mr Flynn also urged parliamentarians to heed the advice of medical practitioners regarding Hon Dr Bob Such's Ending Life with Dignity Bill 2013.

He said both the Australian Medical Association and the Doctors Opposed to Euthanasia have raised concerns about the bill.

“Legalising euthanasia would put society’s most vulnerable people at risk. Doctors, as healthcare providers, are expected to protect and promote life, not end life or encourage the ending of life,” he said.


Read a copy of an AMA's letters sent to SA Parliament on 19th February and 14th May.