Monday, 13th May, 2013

The Australian Christian Lobby is urging the South Australian Parliament to reject the Assisted Reproductive Technology (Equality of Access) Bill 2012 when it’s expected it will vote on the bill this week.

“This bill is a violation of the rights of children, because if passed it would allow alternative reproductive treatment (ART) for single women and lesbians,” said ACL spokesman Dan Flynn.

“This denies a child the right to at least start life with both a mother and a father, deliberately removing a father from the child’s life before he or she is even born.

“The issue of children’s rights and what is in their best interests should take precedence over the desires of adults in the formulation of public policy. Children have a fundamental right to be born from natural origins and, wherever possible, to know and be raised by their biological mother and father,” Mr Flynn said.

“This right is acknowledged by the international Convention on the Rights of the Child, which states that a child shall have, ‘as far as possible, the right to know and be cared for by his or her parents’,” he said.

“Just as the desire to nurture children is entirely natural for a mother, so is the desire of a child to know his or her biological parents,” Mr Flynn said.

“This is not possible in some cases such as death or desertion but where it is possible to avoid this situation, however, the best interests of the child should be paramount and put before the desires of adults,” he said.

The bill was introduced by upper house member Ian Hunter and last year passed South Australia’s Legislative Council by a narrow margin, 12-9. It must now pass the lower house to become law.