For release: Tuesday 12th April 2011

The Australian Christian Lobby today urged Tasmanian MPs to back amendments to the Surrogacy Bill designed to ensure children were not deprived of a mother and a father.

“MPs have a solemn duty to put the rights of children above the rights of adults,” ACL’s Tasmanian Director Mark Brown said.

“This means that where the State makes policy for children it must ensure the right of a child to at least begin life with a mother and a father is upheld.”

Mr Brown commended the Liberal Party for putting forward amendments which prohibited single men and same-sex couples from accessing surrogacy but said the prohibition should be extended to single women as well.

“It is not lacking in compassion to put the rights of a child above even the heart-felt desires of adults for a child. As a society we must err on the side of the child,” Mr Brown said.

Debate on the Surrogacy Bill resumes in Parliament today.