The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) congratulates Minister Scott Morrison and the Government on their proposed bill to increase Australia’s humanitarian intake and urges crossbench senators to support it.

The ACL has been lobbying for an increase in the humanitarian intake for many years, increasing its efforts in recent months as persecution of religious minorities intensified and people smuggling was halted.

Earlier this year ACL’s petition to increase the humanitarian intake for persecuted minorities escaping ISIL received 19,895 signatures.

In October this year, ACL Managing Director Lyle Shelton called for an increased humanitarian intake in light of the multi-billion dollar savings from the wind-down of immigration detention centres.

“We commend Mr Morrison for this move. Having successfully stopped people smuggling and deaths at sea, it is appropriate that Australia now looks to give hope to people trapped in UNHCR camps.

“The rise of ISIL has shone a light on brutal religious persecution and those suffering the most duress, regardless of their religion, should be given priority in our humanitarian program,” Mr Shelton said

“We can afford to resettle more people and we know these people will in time help grow the Australian economy.”

The ACL urges all crossbench senators to support this bill which will provide 7,500 more refugees with the opportunity for a safe haven in our country.