Tuesday, 28 August, 2012

The Australian Christian Lobby today applauded the comments of the WA shadow attorney-general John Quigley as he promised opposition support in repealing Labor’s micro-brothel legislation of 2008.

“We would not permit micro-brothels to run next to residences, full stop,” the shadow attorney-general has reportedly said.

ACL’s Western Australian Director Rhys Vallance said prostitution was inherently damaging and exploitative whether in a micro or macro brothel.

“We are pleased the opposition has vowed never to return to its very unpopular legislation,” Mr Vallance said.

“What disappoints me though is the Liberal government’s continued push to legalise brothels in so called tolerance zones.

“Evidence from around the world shows the increase in the demand for prostituted women resulting from legalised prostitution creates the perfect conditions for human trafficking and exploitation of vulnerable women,” he said.

“Governments around the world have tried many different models and still struggle to control prostitution.

“The best model is that of Sweden and now other Nordic countries where the purchase of sex is made illegal and the purchaser is penalised.

“The Premier promised the Christian constituency he would investigate the Swedish model at the last state election,” said Mr Vallance.

“We are yet to see this promise fulfilled and the longer we wait, the more likely the current bill before parliament will become as unpopular as the previous legislation now to be repealed.”