Media Release

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

The Australian Christian Lobby praised the Government’s decision to bring the gay marriage vote forward to August.

“This is a sensible outcome when the Committee report yesterday had 4:2 against gay marriage after reviewing the evidence, including that there is no discrimination,” said ACL Managing Director Jim Wallace.

“The Greens have wasted enough parliamentary time on this,” said Mr Wallace, “and particularly when Galaxy polls between February and May this year show a ten point drop in public support to 50 per cent.”

“The Coalition is to be congratulated on keeping its integrity with voters from 2010 in maintaining its party policy on the vote,” said Mr Wallace.

“At a time when integrity is so challenged in the Parliament, this demonstration will be very much appreciated.”

The ACL also thanked the members of the ALP right who have disagreed with the proposed bills.

“ACL is well aware that despite the ALP party policy on same-sex marriage being wrong, that it is good people in the party who have caused this to happen and appreciates them,” said Mr Wallace.

“There is no inevitability with gay marriage when only 10 countries out of 196 in the world have it, and when access to it is defined by biology which doesn’t change,” said Mr Wallace.

“When even GetUp!’s supposedly ‘progressive’ membership only rates this as 12th on their list of concerns, and the European Court of Human Rights has only recently confirmed same-sex marriage is not a human right, it is little wonder this has no political traction,” he said.