Media Release

Monday, May 14, 2012

ACL welcomes state government’s support for Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commissioner

The Australian Christian Lobby has welcomed the Victorian Government’s statement of support for Professor Kuravilla George as a member of Victoria's Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC).

Managing Director Jim Wallace said as a society we should continue to support free speech and the right for the chief psychiatrist to have a personal opinion that marriage between a man and a woman is the best environment for children to be raised.

“However, a professional opinion against same-sex marriage is entirely legitimate and is also no reason for someone to be driven from such a position,” Mr Wallace said.

“A large proportion of Australians do not support changing the Marriage Act. Research conducted by Sexton Marketing for the Ambrose Centre for Religious Liberty found that only 49 per cent supported changing the Marriage Act. Opposition to same-sex marriage should not disbar them from holding public roles in our society, particularly within bodies established to adjudicate on issues of equity.

Mr Wallace said it was disingenuous for some to question Professor Kuravilla’s position.

“To have the Victorian shadow attorney-general calling for Professor George to explain himself for not advocating same-sex marriage while being an equal opportunity commissioner should call into question the very competence of commissioners to deal with fairness on the issues that come before them,” said Mr Wallace.

“The pressure put on Professor George is typical of the gay activists, that once again they demonise alternate voices and clearly very creditable ones from the public debate. It is a tactic the public should reject,” said Mr Wallace.

“It’s time to put truth back in this debate and reject the demonisation and manipulation of public opinion which is as much a threat to our democracy as to this debate,” said Mr Wallace.

“The Doctors for Family represent over 150 medical professionals whose opinion needs to be heard,” he said.