22 April 2013

Calls by Federal Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus for yet another vote to redefine marriage should be rejected.

“Despite the hype, this issue is not on the average Australian’s top ten list of priorities, including members of the left leaning GetUp group,” Australian Christian Lobby Managing Director Jim Wallace said today.

Mr Wallace said the Australian Parliament had spent an inordinate amount of time on this issue.

  • Three parliamentary inquiries were held within three years with same-sex marriage not supported by two of them.

  • In response to a Greens’ motion, Federal MPs surveyed their electorates with the overwhelming majority reporting back to Parliament it was not supported by their constituents.

  • After almost two years of public and parliamentary debate, the Australian Parliament just last September rejected redefining marriage by a margin of almost two to one (98-42 in the House of Representatives and 41-26 in the Senate).

Mr Wallace said MPs were being bullied into conformism on same-sex marriage when the issue simply did not rate in the electorate.

Despite New Zealand’s passing of legislation to redefine marriage, public support for it fell during their debate from 63pc to below 50pc.

Mr Wallace said Mr Dreyfus’ push for a vote before the election would mean it would need to be held before June 27.

“It is ludicrous that the nation’s top law officer is pushing for a second vote on the same issue within months of its decisive rejection. How many other issues get this sort of special treatment by Parliament?

“Proponents of redefining marriage are determined to achieve their aim through legislation by fatigue. How much more of the Parliament’s time should be spent on this?”

Mr Wallace said supporters of same-sex marriage recognised that even with a Coalition conscience vote, the numbers in the Federal Parliament are well short of backing a redefinition of marriage.

“I would urge the Liberal Party to hold its policy position supporting marriage between a man and a woman. People are looking to the major parties to provide leadership and expect that they understand what marriage truly is.

“They do not expect the Coalition in particular to take up an agenda mainly run by the Socialist groups, whose banners seem to dominate almost every rally on the subject and who most likely vote Greens.”