Media Release

For release: July 15, 2011


The Australian Christian lobby (ACL) condemns the expanding use of misinformation and the demonisation of those supporting marriage after the term “gay hate groups” had been used by the Star Observer last night to describe those even remotely related to the upcoming National Marriage Day Rally.

The online version of the paper stated that: “A collection of gay hate groups will join forces to rally against marriage equality in Canberra next month.”

“The use of this language of demonisation of anyone who speaks or acts in support of marriage must stop”, said ACL MD Jim Wallace. “It is a tactic that deserves to be roundly condemned from the highest levels, carrying as it does severe consequences for free speech and expression in our society.”

The ACL also condemned the use of misinformation by gay activists and the Star Observer in particular when it misrepresented ACL’s role in the event, claiming it was an “initiative of ACL” among other organisations.

“ACL has not been involved in the conception or planning of this event - not attended a single meeting,” said Mr Wallace. “We were asked to be a sponsor and have agreed, and I may speak at the event, but again in what is masterful propaganda and marketing, but belies woeful respect for truth, the gay activist press has used misrepresentation of fact to cast its net wide and thus maximise the effect of its demonising language.”

“Does this term ‘gay haters’ extend to anyone with a similar role in this event?” asked Mr Wallace – “to those like me who will speak at it, the politicians for instance – this is outrageous.”

“Gay activists were quick to condemn Loree Rudd for the use of the term “global gay Gestapo” to describe the methods used by this lobby, but how else do you describe tactics that use demonisation and fear to silence opposition?” said Mr Wallace.

“I suggest Loree Rudd’s opponents visit the museum in Nuremberg and see how important it is that these deplorable tactics be opposed.”

This incident also falls in a fortnight in which Tasmanian State MP Michael Ferguson was subjected to the most outrageous attack and slurred as “partly responsible” for an attack on a gay man in NW Tasmania, simply because he had been a member of the Tasmanian Family Institute some eight years before – an institute that lobbies in support of family and children.

Mr Wallace repeated his call for the PM and Opposition leader to demand that gay groups cease the demonisation of their opposition in this very necessary and important debate on marriage.