Saturday, 24rd March, 2012.

The Australian Christian Lobby has congratulated the LNP on its resounding win in the Queensland election.

ACL's Qld Director Wendy Francis said she was pleased that LNP Leader Campbell Newman had engaged the Christian constituency through the ACL's live webcast last month.

For the first time in ACL's 12 year history, a Labor leader had refused to participate.

"While there are many factors in the Bligh Government's demise, Ms Bligh and the ALP leadership's decision to disregard such a large constituency would have only compounded the loss.

"It was well known in the Christian constituency that most Labor MPs had voted to deny children the chance to at least begin life with a mother and father through controversial surrogacy laws allowing singles, two men or two women to acquire babies.

“It was also obvious that Labor’s high-profile championing of marriage-mimicking civil unions did not win it any votes, particularly as it was clearly rushed through as a political stunt to support gay activists campaigning at the ALP National Conference in December last.”

The importance and swinging nature of the Christian vote, which would have almost completely abandoned Anna Bligh in this election is well documented,” said Mrs Francis.

“Former Labor Senator John Black's analysis of the 2007 election showed that the religious affiliation of swinging voters had played a more decisive role in determining the outcome in 2007 than any other single factor.”

"There is no doubt that Labor has the capacity to attract Christian voters but the Bligh Government's behaviour in recent years, and Ms Bligh's refusal to address Christian leaders and take their questions as Campbell Newman did, will have alienated a great part of the constituency in this election,” she said.

"The consequences of ignoring a major constituency in the community should be a lesson to politics as a whole," Mrs Francis said.

“But it is also hoped that we will not see parties adopt the mud-slinging so evident under Ms Bligh’s leadership in this election, an aspect of the campaign that most people will have rejected and do not respect in our public leadership.”

Mrs Francis conducted 24 Meet Your Candidate Forums attended by 1500 people throughout the State during the election campaign.