Media Release

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

The Queensland Premier’s extraordinary accusations that the Australian Christian Lobby is not ‘open or honest’ and that it is a ‘far right-wing group’ are disappointing, the ACL’s Qld Director Wendy Francis said today.

“Ms Bligh needs to explain what she means by her slur on our integrity,” Ms Francis said.

“The public have had enough of politicians tearing each other apart in the past week. It is even more unbecoming for a Premier to be mounting baseless attacks against a community group like ours.

“It is no secret that ACL has been critical of those Labor members who voted to deprive a child of a mum and a dad through same-sex surrogacy.

“Equally, ACL has praised the ALP members who voted with their consciences in favour of kids’ rights.

“But standing up for kids’ rights over those of adults doesn’t make someone part of a sinister far right-wing group.

“There are many Queenslanders of faith and no faith who are rightly concerned about the ethics of creating family constructs that deliberately set out to deny children their biological birth-right.

“ACL has always supported rights for same sex couples and the removal of discrimination in succession and estate laws but does not support anything that diminishes marriage or discriminates against children.”

Ms Francis said ACL welcomed the LNP’s commitment to “looking at” repealing civil unions but believed this could be done in a way that did not leave same-sex couples discriminated against, as is certainly the case in other States which do not have civil unions.

“Because of the importance of marriage for society and children, we obviously draw a line there.

“The ACL’s opposition to some Bligh Government policy is based on our understanding of what is right and wrong and does not reflect in any way a preference for the right or left of politics.

“The Bligh Government’s decisions to implement policy that denies children their biological birth-right is in reality pandering to ideology and aggressive minorities, both of which would betray its responsibility to observe the best interests of the child in public policy,” Ms Francis said.