For release: Saturday, 3rd August 2013

The Queensland Government should reject the latest push by the sex industry to further normalise prostitution, according to the Australian Christian Lobby.

"Unlike the claims made on ABC1's 7:30 last night, working in prostitution is not like working at Maccas," ACL Queensland Director Wendy Francis said.

Despite former Premier Peter Beattie's assurance that his brothel laws would be the toughest in the country, the sex industry keeps coming back asking for them to be weakened, Ms Francis said.

Ms Francis said studies showed that Mr Beattie's promise to make prostitution safe by regulating it had failed because the illegal sector exceeded the regulated sector and continued to grow.

"We were promised an end to the bad old pre-Fitzgerald days of the Moonlight State if we legalised brothels.

"Instead, we have more prostituted women than ever being put in harms' way.

"Providing a legal alternative has not reduced prostitution and giving legal brothels the ability to send young women out alone to the men who purchase them will not enhance safety."

Ms Francis agreed with calls to decriminalise prostitution but only if it became a criminal offence for a man to purchase a woman.

"Unless demand for prostituted women is targeted, both local and trafficked women will continue to be exploited and harmed in the legal and illegal sex industry."

Ms Francis said several Nordic countries were now less attractive markets for sex traffickers because the law targeted demand.

"The Queensland Government and the Crime and Misconduct Commission should send a delegation to Sweden, Norway and Iceland to investigate the success of this policy approach," Ms Francis said.