Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Australian Christian Lobby has welcomed Campbell Newman's willingness to address ChristianLeaders and his forthrightness with them in the lead up to the state election, at tonight’s Make it Count event in Brisbane.

The ACL’s Queensland Director Wendy Francis said Mr Newman’s comments regarding chaplaincy, anti-discrimination legislation, outdoor advertising, adoption and civil unions legislation received a welcome response.

"While ACL would want more proactive action on problem gambling, alcohol restrictions and prostitution, it seems neither major party is willing to take the steps most Christians would expect in these areas," she said.

“Mr Newman’s address praised the work of chaplaincy and noted the positive feedback he’d received in the electorate about this program.

“On the issue of free speech, Mr Newman agreed the anti-discrimination act has been used in the past to suppress free speech.

“It’s also good news to get Mr Newman’s commitment, that if elected, he would fight to see outdoor advertising G-Rated because advertisements today are too sexualised for children to see in public places.

“The LNP leader also said that the LNP had not changed its party position on Civil Unions and would consider what to do with these dependent on where the ALP left them.

“Mr Newman’s comment about removing red tape from adoption processes and promoting adoption to women during unwanted pregnancies is positive for the unborn and will see the state’s abortion rate drop from its present level of 15,000 each year.

"Christians would have wanted more positive action on problem gambling," she said, "Introducing pre-commitment technology is part of the Productivity Commission’s recommendations and is the only real way to solve the issue,” she said.

Ms Francis said it is expected thousands of Christians will watch the web address in the lead up to the March 24th election and that the leaders present had very much appreciated Mr Newman's willingness to take their questions in the absence of the Premier.

The address will be uploaded to in the coming days.