Friday, December 2nd, 2011

The Australian Christian Lobby has called in to question the commitment of GetUp 'members’ to gay marriage with only one in five supporting their campaign.

In asking 'members' for money to fund advertisements, GetUp revealed today they had 140,000 signatures on an electronic petition supporting same-sex marriage.

"Given that GetUp routinely claim almost 600,000 'members', the response to their petition shows redefining marriage is hardly a burning issue for them," ACL Managing Director Jim Wallace said today.

"In contrast, ACL through the Australian Marriage Forum has just raised a petition of 100,000 from a supporter data base of just 14,000 people.

“While we have naturally mobilised networks beyond our own, we’re sure GetUp must also have this capacity.

“Our supporter base also spread the word virally, multiplying their numbers many times over – again something GetUp members could have done if they felt deeply enough.

“Given the size of GetUp, the large amounts of money it must have for newspaper, television and high quality video production, you would expect a better return on investment if this was really an issue with ‘members’," Mr Wallace said.

“This serves to confirm what politicians said on August 24 when they reported back to Parliament and what recent polling has shown and that is that redefining marriage is not a high priority issue for the overwhelming number of voters.”

ACL has also gone to great lengths to eradicate duplicates from its petition and to ensure that all signatories were residents of Australia.