For release: Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

In a big show of support for keeping the Marriage Act intact, tens of thousands of people in over 500 churches nation-wide logged on to a live webcast tonight organised by the Australian Christian Lobby.

The televised webcast was conducted in a question and answer format with an expert panel comprising former Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson, family law expert Professor Patrick Parkinson, sexologist Patricia Weerakoon, and counsellors Allan and Helen Myer.

The night was moderated by Karl Faase, a well-known Christian media identity and senior pastor at Gymea Baptist Church.

ACL Managing Director Jim Wallace said he was thrilled with the response from churches right across the country.

“The take-up of this webcast greatly exceeded our expectations and shows how much the church is concerned about the proposals before the Federal Parliament to change the definition of marriage,” Mr Wallace said.

“The take up rate by churches was close to that for a federal election,” said Mr Wallace. “And makes a nonsense of claims the church is not concerned at the proposal to redefine marriage.”

The webcast was entitled ‘Defining Marriage, does it matter anymore?’

“Our aim was to address questions that have arisen as a result of the current debate about redefining marriage,” Mr Wallace said.

A video animation entitled ‘what is marriage’ was also launched which will be spread through social media. It is available at