Thursday, May 17, 2012

Australian Christian Lobby Managing Director Jim Wallace is urging churches across the nation to join a live webcast of Christian experts as they answer questions about the importance and future of marriage.

Defining Marriage, Does it Matter Anymore?, will be held on Tuesday June 26 and is a significant opportunity for the church to come together and discuss whether the definition of marriage continues to have any relevance in modern Australia.

The panel will be compered by Karl Faase from Gymea Baptist Church and include panel members: former deputy prime minister John Anderson, family law specialist Professor Patrick Parkinson, columnist for The Australian Christopher Pearson, sexologist Patricia Weerakoon, pastor and author Dr Allan Meyer and his wife Helen Meyer who is an educator and counsellor.

“The definition of marriage is being challenged in our Federal Parliament and there is so much confusion about the value of marriage to our society,” he said.

“This will be an important opportunity to talk about marriage and help answer the church community’s questions through the combined experience and expertise of this panel,” he said.

The webcast will be available to churches only but people will be able to submit a question to the panel to answer.

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