Wednesday, 29 August, 2012

The Australian Christian Lobby remains unconvinced that gay marriage will stop the push for polygamous ‘marriage equality’ in Australia in light of Brazil’s acceptance this week of a civil union between three people.

Greens politicians and Labor supporters of same-sex marriage keep downplaying calls from Greens members and officials and the poly community for ‘marriage equality’ to be extended beyond two people.

In May former High Court Justice Michael Kirby told a Senate inquiry (pg. 13) that if same-sex marriage is passed, there could be further redefinitions in the future.

“The question that is before the parliament at the moment is the question of equality for homosexual people,” Justice Kirby said

“There may be in some future time, some other question. The lesson in courts and in the parliament I suggest, is that you take matters step by step,” he said.

ACL Managing Director Jim wallace said he was concerned that the Greens will push the marriage debate even further to the extent that polygamous and polyamorous relationships would be considered a part of the ‘marriage equality’ push.

The ACT Greens political party convenor, Simon Copland, wrote on his blog: “I just think we need to use it (the same-sex marriage campaign) as a step to the broader goal of sexual liberation, not the end in and of itself.”