Friday, June 8, 2012

Australian Parliamentarians would be naive to think activists will not target the church here after Denmark’s Parliament finally caved into their demands for church weddings, Australian Christian Lobby Managing Director Jim Wallace said.

Homosexual weddings will occur in Danish churches from next week after the Danish Parliament passed a law forcing all churches to perform them.

Mr Wallace said Denmark was the first country in the world to legalise civil unions in 1989 before church blessings were later permitted.

“There is a clear progression in the activists’ agenda which has now led to churches being compelled to perform homosexual weddings,” Mr Wallace said.

“Australian politicians, as well-meaning as they might be, would be naive to believe the assurances of Australian activists who say they will never push for church weddings here.

“It is time politicians saw beyond the propaganda of the homosexual activists’ campaign and realised there are far-reaching consequences for freedom of speech, freedom of religion and the rights of children if the Marriage Act is changed,” Mr Wallace said.

Danish pastors can object to performing a homosexual wedding but under the new law, the church hierarchy must find a replacement pastor so the church wedding can proceed.

“Intolerant Australian homosexual activists, who have already forced people out of public positions for not towing the gay marriage line, would have to have a massive change of heart if they were to leave the church alone should the Marriage Act be changed,” Mr Wallace said.

“Australian parliamentarians would be naive to accept their assurances that the church will not be harassed in the future just as it has been in Denmark.”