Thursday, 21st March 2013

The Australian Christian Lobby commended the Government on its apology for forced adoptions, but questions the Prime Minister’s assertion that “We can promise that no generation of Australian will suffer the same pain and trauma that you did.”

“The problem with forced adoption was that it broke the biological identity of children,” said ACL’s Managing Director, Jim Wallace.

“But we are creating exactly the same problem for a future generation with those states which permit surrogacy for same-sex couples and singles.

“The worst form of forced adoption was that experienced by the Stolen Generation which broke not only biological and but also cultural identity.

“Today gay couples travel to India to have Indian women carry and bear the child, because nature doesn’t provide them this ability and this inevitably breaks the child’s biological and cultural identity.

“Some gay men even proclaim they will never allow the child to know its real mother,” said Mr Wallace. “How is this not ‘deeply shameful and distressing’ as the PM has called forced adoption today?

“The PM said of the child victims of forced adoption ‘you deserved the chance to know your mother and father’,” said Mr Wallace. “Why doesn’t that apply equally to the children forced from their biological parent through same-sex and single surrogacy?

“How can we denounce forced adoption as breaking the most primal and sacred bond there is, ‘the bond between a mother and her baby’ as the PM said, and not only allow same-sex and single surrogacy, but support same-sex marriage which will be the cultural and legislative cement that would make it irreversible?

“The PM’s speech today is commendable, but let’s join the dots and not repeat the error of breaking biological identity in forced adoptions by permitting same-sex couples and singles surrogacy,” said Mr Wallace.

An Indian service provider on the Lateline program (4/03/2013) revealed more than one third of her clients were Australian gay men.