For release: Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gay activists have claimed another scalp in their relentless persecution of anyone who does not support their agenda, according to the Australian Christian Lobby.

ACL Managing Director Jim Wallace said today's resignation of Professor Kuruvilla George from the Victorian Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission has come after a Senate submission which he and 150 other medical practitioners signed was demonised by gay activists because it did not support their agenda for changing the Marriage Act.

But Mr Wallace said so-called research used yesterday to build the case against Professor George and his colleagues' pro man-woman marriage submission to the Senate was badly flawed in what was the usual public circus used to confuse and deny fact in this debate.

Mr Wallace said the 2007 literature review prepared by Flinders University lecturer Dr Damien Riggs and fellow gay activists for the Australian Psychological Society relied on many studies which had been demonstrated to be statistically unsound and therefore inconclusive.

Dr Riggs admitted on radio yesterday that the studies he reviewed had only looked at lesbian parenting but did not given an opinion on the long-term impacts of a child being deliberately cut off from its biological mother by two men, Mr Wallace said.

“This is half the potential demographic of same-sex parenting not taken into account,” Mr Wallace said.

"Neither does Dr Riggs admit the fact that the phenomenon of visible homosexual families is a recent construct for which there has simply not been the time to gather reliable data.

“In addition, Dr Riggs did not engage the substance of the medical practitioners’ submission to the Senate which raised concerns that same-sex relationships are well proven to be inherently and markedly less stable than heterosexual ones.

"At least six academics have questioned the validity of many of the studies which Dr Riggs relies upon.

"Quantitative analysis experts Lerner and Nagai reviewed 49 studies supporting same-sex parenting, many of which were used by Dr Riggs, and found that all 49 contained serious methodological flaws.

"It is not surprising that a literature review conducted by four or five known gay activists should make the sort of recommendations they have to the APS.

“There is enough doubt about the rigour of Dr Rigg’s work to call into question his dogmatic statements that same-sex marriage and same-sex parenting will have no adverse impacts on children.

“This is clearly no basis for Federal politicians to make a decision about changing the Marriage Act – a decision which will have big consequences for children deliberately excluded from one of their biological parents for life.”

Mr Wallace said Professor George should be invited back to the Victorian Human rights and Equal Opportunity Commission and that claims by homosexual activists of equal parenting outcomes should be subjected to much more rigour before politicians legislate to create another stolen generation.