Media Release

For release: Friday, 1st of April



The Gillard Government must not bow to Greens’ threats of ‘consequences’ coming back to ‘bite’ it for warning Australians of the dangers of Green ideology, the Australian Christian Lobby said today.

“The Prime Minister has done the nation a service by highlighting the extreme nature of the Greens’ agenda which is anti-family, anti-religious freedom and anti-economic growth,” ACL Managing Director Jim Wallace said.

“Bob Brown’s threats to Ms Gillard and his sudden defence of Israel today is further evidence of the disingenuous nature of the Greens.

“Why didn’t Bob Brown speak out in support of Israel before the NSW election when the anti-Israel comments were made?

“Why is he only now disciplining the ultra-extreme Green Senator-elect Lee Rhiannon?”

Mr Wallace said the ALP must oppose the Greens’ attempts to by-pass its election commitments on same-sex marriage and euthanasia through back door attempts such as the Greens’ so-called Territories rights bill which is before a Senate Inquiry.

The poor showing of the Greens in the NSW election was proof that their influence in inner city electorates is exaggerated.

“Labor power-brokers should heed this warning from the electorate and ensure that their national conference in December does not dance to the tune of the Greens by overturning Labor’s policy on marriage which has broad mainstream appeal,” Mr Wallace said.


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