For release: Wednesday 21st September 2011

The Greens’ intolerance toward people who support marriage between a man and a woman is not only absurd but a worry for people who dissent to their views, according to the Australian Christian Lobby.


The Tasmanian Greens claim today in Parliament that Liberal Leader Will Hodgman’s views supporting marriage are ‘bigoted’ is vitriolic and intolerant ACL Tasmanian Director Mark Brown said.


“A disappointing factor of the marriage debate has been the serial demonisation of people who support marriage,” Mr Brown said.


“What have we come to where it is ‘bigoted’ and ‘shameful’ to support the idea of marriage remaining between a man and a woman?


“Many people support marriage because they believe being raised by parents of different genders, wherever possible, is in the best interests of a child. Surely this is not bigotry,” Mr Brown said.


“If the Greens had absolute political power, what would they do to ‘bigots’ who do not conform to their views? Would it become a crime to say that a child should have every opportunity to have a mum and a dad?”


Mr Brown said today’s debate on same-sex marriage was a typical misuse of the Parliament’s time by the Greens who don’t seem to care that marriage is a Commonwealth responsibility in their pursuit of radical social experiments.


It was disappointing that Tasmanian Labor was continuing to be led by the Greens on social policy, Mr Brown said.


He thanked the Liberals for having the courage to stand for marriage in the face of such intolerant opposition.


“Even though the next election is years away, I’m sure the Christian constituency will not forget how members voted today.”



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