Media Release

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Comments by leaders of Australia's polyamorous community that 'poly is the new gay' further underscore the nonsense in the Greens-Labor push to redefine marriage.

Australian Christian Lobby Managing Director Jim Wallace said attempts by 'marriage equality' leaders to distance themselves from the push by polygamous and polyamorous people for removal of discrimination were unconvincing.

"Even former High Court Judge Michael Kirby told the Senate inquiry on same-sex marriage that these things are taken 'step by step' ," Mr Wallace said.

"The gay lobby claims to represent the LGBTI community but it now says only gays can have marriage equality because a bi-sexual's attraction is not 'immutable'.

"Having framed the debate around 'equal love', ‘marriage equality’ leaders are now saying not all love is equal, something which seems to contradict Greens marriage policy as expressed on its website."

Mr Wallace said if the Greens truly were against 'poly marriage', they should immediately change their marriage policy which calls for 'marriage for all' and pledges to ‘legislate to allow marriage regardless of sexuality or gender identity’ .

Mr Wallace called for the debate on 'marriage equality' to move beyond slogans so the politicians and the community could better understand what its consequences were for children, freedom of conscience, freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

Mr Wallace said the push for acceptance by the 'poly' community could not be set aside from the 'marriage equality' debate.

"I am concerned by comments made by former High Court Justice Michael Kirby to the recent Senate Inquiry into the Greens Marriage Equality Amendment Bill," Mr Wallace said.

Mr Kirby told the inquiry “The question that is before the parliament at the moment is the question of equality for homosexual people. There may be, in some future time, some other question. The lesson in courts and in the parliament, I suggest, is that you take matters step by step.”

Mr Wallace said the well known Brisbane-based polyamorist and radio host Rachelle White told Perth's 6PR last week that poly was the 'new gay' and said Justice Kirby's comments were very important in the struggle for recognition of poly relationships.